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BrightWheels™ - WATERPROOF LED WHEEL LIGHTS FOR CAR & BIKE [Pack of 2] - Blue

BrightWheels™ - WATERPROOF LED WHEEL LIGHTS FOR CAR & BIKE [Pack of 2] - Blue

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This is a pair of motion-activated wheel valve stem cap tire LED lights for a car. Instead of capping the valve with an ordinary cap, use this light to convert your wheel into a whirling light display. it’s way cooler than simple taillights or radiant stickers. There’s also a case to be made that you’re a Star Wars Jedi Knight with a lightsaber stowed away in the wheel. It comes with 3AG10 cell batteries and saves a lot of energy since it’s motion-activated. The screw-on cap makes it easy to install, and the light fits into all standard U.S. and European bike wheel valve stems.


When it is dark, they automatically light up creating a disk-like light that appears to hover above your wheels, bring more color to your car/bike, bring more enjoyment to your drive. Features: No battery connection required - no need to connect to the vehicle battery. Waterproof - The valve has a light mouth small waterproof case. It lights up itself using high-quality button batteries. Easy to install: Simply screw it onto the tire valve. Twist off your original valve cap and replace it with this valve cap LED light. Installs on standard tyre air valves of cars.

  • Customize your bicycle, motorbike, or car with this LED light, it is the coolest way of making your vehicle the most eye-catching on the road.
  • The separation paper containing the battery needs to be removed for the item to work properly.
  • Single color wheel light.
  • Easy Installation: Just connect to the air cap/wheel valve of your vehicle.
  • The LED lights have a super bright, energy-saving, long lifespan, these lights can increase night-time and bad weather visibility for safety.


Country of Origin: India
Color: Blue

Please note: The product may have slight color/design variations.

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